Ticks when changing song or volume level

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The title says it all; when i manually change song or adjust the volume with the app i, most of the time, hear a tick through the speakers. The higher the volume the louder the tick.

I use ROCK on NUC i7, controlled through my iPhone 11pro and Samsung pad. Playback through USB to Topper D30PRO DAC → Hypex class D NC250MP mono blocks.

Any ideas? Restarting/updating/cable switching tried within means.

Edit: also tick when scrolling within a song

This is due to the fact that these changes are done instantaneously, causing sudden output voltage steps.

My S.M.S.L M300MKII DAC with variable output also suffers from this problem.

Some software and hardware implementations use so-called zero-crossing detection to not cause these audible artifacts.

Nothing we can do about that but to suffer through this deficiency.
Or wait, maybe start a feature suggestion - I’d even vote for it…

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Thx Marin, is this solvable by replacing my dac? Or adding some deck in the chain to handle this?

Not likely, since that’s Roon related and not CAUSED by the DAC…

Yes, I’ve had a similar issue since day one with IPad Air > Nucleus+ > SR Ethernet switch > Gold Note IS-1000 integrated amp Roon endpoint via Ethernet cables. Pop or click between every song coming from Tidal & Qobuz but not from external library. Tried numerous recommendations including Resync Delay with no luck.

Interesting, I only get clicks when changing volume and pausing, fast forwarding or jumping songs, but not between songs in playlists or albums, unless there’s a sample rate change.
No difference between local or streamed content - after all, it’s very likely a RAAT protocol related thing.

Never an issue with my system no clicks whatsoever. Sound more like a DAC related issue than a Roon one I have 9 setups and don’t get clicks on any of them at all.

Just to be complete, no clicks between tracks. Only when changing volume and ff or fw.

Yeah, i just keep that feeling it should not have to be there. The dac is highly recommended and tested supurb on asr. Any thoughts?

Actually I also have these minute ticks or clicks but again ONLY when changing volume up or down.
No other occasion at all.

Like @Marin_Weigel I just accepted it for what it is and ignore it.

BTW, this has been the same using four different DAC and associated cables so it ain’t that!

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What are you using that clicks with volume changes?

Are you using DSP volume or does Roon control the pramps device volume?

Roon volume slider only, no ticks with the volume knob on my D30 pro.

To me this sounds like Roon controls the Volume on the interface module (XMOS XU208) while the knob is likely using the volume control in the DAC-chip (CS43198) itself.

I’m not a fan of digital volume control. Work towards a nice preamp and it will solve the volume clicks. That’s hideously inconvenient and expensive answer but that’s my recommendation.

As far as pops / clicks when when changing songs this can be solved by replacing the DAC. Some DACs handle these rate changes / dramatic bit stream differences without issue. Some just sort of glitch and that’s what you’re hearing. For example, my DAC has physical muting relays on the outputs when a rate change occurs and the relays don’t disengage until the DAC has clocked to the new clock. This prevents any noise or static during a rate change. You might also want to try another endpoint. Some endpoints are a little more graceful in this regard as well.

One question though… is this the same behavior at all bit-depths and resolutions? Some DACs have a “happy place” where you may notice this less at a specific bit-depth / resolution (say 24/192 or 32/192). If that’s the case you could let Roon upsample to this resolution which would reduce the issue.

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I will investigate your last remark tomorrow.

Just did some testing; when really paying attention i find when the volume slider is operated slowly it’s no issue. When scrolling or changing volume is done abruptly it happens the most. But not always, I’ve checked the bitdepth via the signalpath during my testing and could only see a difference in automatic volume adjusting by Roon. All other values were the same, all streamed via Qobuz i have to add.