Tidal $120 YR deal

Best Buy has a Tidal HiFi deal for $120. per year: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tidal-hifi-yearly-subscription-digital/6407163.p?skuId=6407163

If you currently have a monthly plan, you have to let that run out first, or you can use a different email address for this deal, but it won’t have all of your favorites, etc.

This works out to $10. a month, not bad!


I’m seeing $99/year when I click on the link.

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Interesting, $119 for me. Interesting how e-commerce platforms determine how much they think you’ll be willing to pay.

When I check BB it says $119 but for mybestbuy members $99…I have Qobuz at this time but that is not a bad price…


I have a free Best Buy account and this shows as $99.99 for me. My Tidal account is on a different email account, so when it expires in December, I’ll take advantage of this if it is still available. Thanks for posting it. That is, if it’s better than any other deals Tidal has at the time.

I believe this will only work for new accounts/email addresses, so if you take this deal (and you’re an existing Tidal subscriber) you’ll lose your playlists, history, and therefore, My Mix suggestions.

Still a great deal IMO.

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If you let your current subscription expire, or it’s already expired, you should be able to use this deal with your same email address/account.

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Note that this may just be a limited time deal.

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PSA, I just heard that if you sign in to your Best Buy account first, or create one first, then the deal is $100.!

I haven’t tried it yet but that seems to be the case from everything I’m reading.

Yes, see above. I may have to pass on this even-though it is a good deal. I already have almost 1000 linked albums in Tidal and by the time my current sub expires in December, I will have a lot more. I’m not sure I want to go through over 1000 Qobuz links and add the corresponding Tidal link by clicking on Versions over 1000 times. It will depend on what kind of deal Tidal offers me to renew.

I feel confident this deal will not allow you to renew an existing, expired account, but I don’t know for sure. I also suspect the email address needs to be the same as your Best Buy account, but again, IDK. I normally don’t like buying subscriptions for a service through a 3rd party.

It does work with an existing but expired Tidal account. The subscription begins immediately, once your purchase is complete and activation code is sent to you however. So don’t buy the subscription until you’re ready to use it.

Can you confirm how you know this? Have you tried it? Thanks.

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I read it from a poster on Head-fi who has tried. I myself will be trying it next week on 8/5 since that’s when my monthly Tidal subscription expires and I have set that to not auto-renew.

Good to hear, please let us know if it works for you - I’m currently monthly and am tempted to do the same.

Please post what you find out here. Thanks. Is your Best Buy email address the same as your Tidal email address?

@Jim_F I used a different email address for my $99 Tidal subscription than I use for my Best Buy account, i.e. the Best Buy activation code isn’t linked to my Best Buy email address. BTW, the small print on the Best Buy activation email says that the account will auto-renew for $120 every year unless cancelled. The Tidal web site says that my subscription is managed by Best Buy.

Can it be canceled on Tidal’s website or is that done on Best Buy’s website?

I think I read you have to call Best Buy to cancel. I’ll probably skip on this and just renew through Tidal.

The my.tidal.com site where you manage your subscription says that the subscription is managed bv Best Buy and refers you to the Best Buy site for changing or cancelling the subscription. On my Best Buy account home page I see options to do just that. There’s a “cancel subscription” link on there that takes you to a Best Buy page asking why you’re cancelling. I didn’t go any further, so it may allow you to cancel online or, maybe, gets you to call Best Buy to do so.

So tempting but my only concern is BestBuy managing the subscription. What if canceling is full of obstacles, phone calls and nonsense?

Price is incredible.

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