Tidal / 22kHz Lo-Res Playback in Trial Mode

Hi there! I’ve just set up trial accounts for both Roon and Tidal and noticed that quite a few albums (Blur ‘The Magic Whip’, Grace Jones ‘Disco’) play back in AAC 22kHz. Older / other albums I’ve tried play back as expected (in AAC 44k). Now I wonder: is that is a restriction of the Tidal trail account? Will those albums play back in normal quality in Premium and Hi-Fi accounts? Or can the record companies partially restrict playback quality in 3rd party apps? Btw. I’m in Germany - if anyone might want to try streaming those albums to confirm that’d be great.

I tried Diso from Grace Jones, I get 44kHz 16 bit Flac, also iin my Trial period for Tidal. I am located in the Netherlands. Running Roon from Windows 7 PC.

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Wow, that’s weird. Thanks.

Roon queries your Tidal account for the highest-quality format you are allowed to stream, and then requests streams in that format. Sometimes, Tidal delivers a lower quality stream than what we requested.

We’ve run into this, too, and have reported it to Tidal. I’m not sure whether this is a licensing issue for them, or if they just lack the source material–if we learn more, we’ll be sure to share whatever we can.

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Just a quick follow up. I’ve upgraded my Tidal trial account to Hi-Fi, manually re-synced roon with my Tidal account and restarted roon. No more 22k sound since. Issue fixed.