Tidal - Accessing ENTIRE Library

Hi Everyone. I’m new here and super excited about Roon. Just dived in and got the lifetime subscription.

I’m trying to find out how to have access to the ENTIRE Tidal Catalog when using Roon. At this time, I am relying entirely on Tidal as my music source.

I am usually listening via the “Play Genre” or “Play Artist” features and really would like Roon’s intelligent curating to be sampling from all the music out there and not just the albums I have selected as favourites or the few Tidal Collections auto-selected when first setting up the core.

Any advice? I want to make sure I’m listening to all the world’s amazing music! Thank you!

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Could you be a little more specific about the capabilities you’re looking for? As long as you’re a Tidal subscriber, you have access to the entire Tidal library in Roon. The only exception I can think of is that new releases on Tidal can take a couple-few days to show up in Roon.

I think Martin is referring to Radio or Play Genre, Play Artist etc. These functions play from Tidal albums included in our Library, but not Tidal albums not yet in our Library.

Roon intends to allow increased access to non-Library Tidal albums in future, but at the moment these functions are restricted to Library albums.

You can discover new Tidal albums using the Tidal view or Artist and Album views under the Tidal sections and add them to your Library, where they will be available to the above functions.

So intended for the future, but not currently implemented.

Thank you Andrew. That is what I wanted to confirm. I look forward to the addition you speak of, and in the meantime I will manually add albums and artists to my library.

Do you know if adding an Artist adds all of the Artist’s Tidal Albums to my library?

I think I know what Martin means. Yes, you have access to the entire Tidal library, only the Tidal section in Roon is nothing more then a copy of Tidal’s own interface wich is heavily accented on new releases, playlists of the month etc etc. It’s not a good portal if your not only interested in new releases or what is hot today but just want to browse through years of music history. This hold true for about any streaming service out there. A lot can be improved. Most streaming services only have search indexes for if you allready know the name of an artist or album, no search indexes for exploring around. For instance I like Jamaican dub reggae from the late 60’s to mid 70’s but don’t know all the names of the artists, I just want to discover more. There is no way I can search Tidal on this. I can search my own collection in Roon this way but not Tidals collection and that’s a real pitty. All streaming services out there are falling short of this kind of searchability. My hope for future Roon is a much deeper Tidal integration to makes this possible. Let me search Tidal like I can search my own collection, I’m really missing that possibilty.


Thank you all for all this information.

Does Meridian’s Sooloos have full access to Tidal’s catalogue when using Play Genre or Play Artist/Radio?

I was originally interested in the Sooloos system, but couldn’t find much information on it’s capabilities. Roon seemed to have much more information/support and I jumped on that product for now.

Was thinking of buying a Meridian endpoint like a 218/251 so that I could explore both products.

Sooloos became Roon when it split from Meridian.

Adding an Artist doesn’t automatically add all their albums. It’s an interesting suggestion though. Well worth a thread in Feature Requests.

Oh for godsake no, that would be the worst feature ever.

Huuhuuuuuh, I would not want this as a standard feature. There are many artists I like a lot but I can’t name one of which I love the entire discography from start to end.