Tidal Account Error - build 3

Tidal: tidal_accout_error - is the message

From Core installation (Surface Pro 3).
Roon shows Tidal as logged in and library updated, but will not play any songs and gives the above error.

Build 2 was fine for Tidal.
Any ideas? Already rebooted the system and logged out.

There were no Tidal-related changes between Build 2 and 3.

That error means that we contacted Tidal to get playback information for the content, Tidal informed us that your account was not entitled to play back those track(s).

Content frequently appears/disappears from their collection based on the licensing situation at the moment, so it’s possible that content that was working before is not working now because of a change on their end.

Can you play no Tidal content, or is this specific to certain media?
Can you play the failing content via listen.tidalhifi.com?

Either way, @kevin should help you grab logs from your machine so we can confirm our understanding of what’s happening.