Tidal add/sync problems

Windows 10 server, Windows 11 endpoint, Android remote, all latest 2.0 update, wired ethernet, ~50,000 tracks.

Unable to add Tidal albums to library. Blue spinning circle. Can favorite in Tidal and sync, sometimes will show up in Roon, other times just blue spinning circle.

Also, new playlists added to my collection in Tidal don’t show up in Roon after multiple sync/refresh attempts.

Also, Roon does not show same Tidal my mixes on the Roon Tidal page that are shown in the Tidal app.

Have tried disable/enable Tidal service, logging out and back in, restarting the server endpoint.

Never mind. Did a full reboot of server, now appears to work. There was a pending Windows update. Not sure if that matters, just info.

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