Tidal adding unrequeested to my library

Every day I have new albums added by Tidal, mostly RAP, and now they have become un-delete-able. There is something up.

Hey @William_Utz,

Take a look at our KB article on TIDAL Collections . Is there any chance that this is what was added to your library? If so, there are instructions listed in that article to remove the albums.

If these albums were recently added all around the same time, it may be easiest to go to the Albums browser and set the sort to Date Added so you can see the most recently added. Then you can select multiple albums at once and remove them from your library.

Just to confirm — These albums are also visible in your TIDAL library in TIDAL itself, correct?

Do you receive an error when you try to remove them?


I had the same happen to me. Go to Tidal App or website directly and delete them there. Then change your Tidal password and re-login to Tidal from Roon using the new password. I suspect that my password was hacked. I have not had any problems since I did this.

Hope this works.


Reset the password. No Joy. Albums not found in Tidal, only in Roon. Got 2 more today.
I personally believe Tidal adding albums based upon a user’s collection. Without asking.
It has been going on for a month, a few a day.

Hey @William_Utz,

Can you give me an example (screenshot) of an album that’s visible in Roon but not in TIDAL? Was it ever in your TIDAL library?

Can you also go to Edit for one of the tracks, select View File info then File Tags and share a screenshot of that window? See an example of this screen below:


Hi, Try going into Tidal App directly again and check your TRACKS and your PLAYLISTS. When this was happening to me that is where I found the stuff being added. In Roon they would show in the OVERVIEW section and it took me a while to find them in Tidal because I never used tracks or playlists, only the albums section. Once I deleted them from there and changed my password it stopped.

Hope this helps.

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I believe I found the problem. There was a video saved as a favorite, but I have not ever watched any video that I recall. The problem seems cured and the phantom album this could not be deleted disappeared. But if the issue returns, I will make the screenshots as requested, I did delete all favorites from tracks also. and have no playlists. Thank you for helping me with this issue. Bill

Glad to hear that you found the hiding spot. I really think that Tidal passwords are being hacked so make your new one very strong. I realized that mine had been hacked when I would get messages that my account was already in use when I would try to play something or it would take a long time to connect.