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Hello. I have used Tidal + Roon for a few years without problem. Lately, however, when I add an album to my library, the album cover does not appear. Music and description is fine… it’s just the album cover that does not appear. And only on new additions to the library. The old stuff is just fine. Can you help?

Sorry. This is what it looks like.

Try clear image cache.

Same setting exist on Roon Remote for iOS and Android as well.

Thank you for your post, but that did not seem to change things. I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. What’s strange is that the album covers appear in “favorites”

Try to deactivate Tidal account, then reactivate again (I’m just sharing what has worked for me previously). If this does not work, restart core.

OK success! Restarted Nucleus+ and all good. Many thanks for your help!!

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