Tidal album missing from Roon

My machines and loads:
Core Machine (Linux Mint 18.3 / Roon version 1.7 (build 537)
All remotes (Android tablet, android phone and a Win10 mini-PC) are also running 1.7 / 537

Description Of Issue:
I am a relatively new Roon subscriber, but I have been using PCs for audio since the late 90’s. I am also a semi-retired (really meaning laid off technician, lol). Anyhoo, I did search and I didn’t discover this question already asked, not for Tidal albums anyway, so here it goes. After the new albums were released on Friday morning (05/22), I discovered the new re-release of Jeff Healey’s album, “Heal My Soul” was showing and playing fine in Tidal (both normal and MQA), but nowhere to be found on Roon’s search, under album or artist. Even after I favorited it in Tidal, that album is still not showing in my recents in Roon. On Tidal the album of there on my recents and saved, but on Roon that album is skipped right over on recents and can’t be found with a search. Any ideas or will it shake itself out after a few days?

Jeff Healey there in Tidal|690x388

Jeff Healey missing screenshot|690x404

That makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply. I figured it was something simple.

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