Tidal album moved on tidal and lost in roon?

So when I clicked on the album in Roon it looked normal but wouldnt play any track. Album plays in Tidal. So Im like WTF. All the albums for Meshuggah acted this way.

… I want an hour of my life back.

Whatever roon is pointing at doesnt exist on tidal BUT the album is on Tidal. After removing it from my library (edit->Delete this album) and ALSO removing from tidal favorites the album appears not in my collection but does show under Tidal main albums.

Trying to add the album to my library from “Tidal main albums” gives you a “this is taking really long well do this in the background” message. Nothing happens.

I go into Tidal and favorite the album. Again nothing happens and nothing works in roon.

The version in Tidal Main Albums doesnt play in roon.

Click through into the album under “tidal main albums” then “add to library” then… edit-> delete.

Now the album is shown under both my Main Albums and Tidal Main Albums. My main album shows with a New banner. This version plays. The zombie in Tidal main albums is still there and doesnt play…

What I noticed in the roon server logs is the the ID numbers changed. So I guess if Tidal changes id numbers roon gets confused. It’d be nice if it said “Tidal deleted this thing on their side” or something like that.

A better way of resolving this than forcibly deleting and readding and deleting would be nice.

Ive got a nice screenshot of the album Koloss in both my Main Albums and Tidal main Albums. The zombie in Tidal Main albums now says “this album has been deleted” if you try to add it.

The server logs say that teh request for the tracks on that album as “Warn” and that the Get is => unauthorized

Maybe like CHECK to see if the fricken album exists if a track doesnt play from tidal?