Tidal album not added to Roon

Yesterday (Feb 1 2019) I “favourited” an album in Tidal. On all previous occasions the album has appeared in Roon, maybe by updating music library. Right now the album in question is playable via Sonos (which proves it exists) but not via Roon. I have disabled/enabled Tidal, restarted Roon, restarted Tidal, updated music library several times. What can I do next ?

Hi @Dick_Cooper. For new albums in TIDAL, there is sometimes a lag between our receiving the metadata from TIDAL and that metadata going “live” in the Roon metadata service. If it is a new album, this will probably be resolved in 24 hours. Please let us know if it’s not.

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How strange that Sonos could play the album immediately. Do they have a better system than you ?

Sonos can play albums as they appear because they use TIDAL’s API directly. We integrate TIDAL at a much deeper level to provide object-based navigable metadata (all those links you see in Roon) and this just takes some time to merge in with all of our other metadata. That said, we’re shortening our metadata “build” time on a continuous basis. “Missing” albums appear to be far less common since we rolled out a major change to our build in mid-December.

Can you confirm that the album in question is a new one?

Yes the album is a recent release (jan 24 2019 I think) It is “Minusgrader” by Orjan Hulten Orion.

Hmm. That’s over a week old.

Do you mean that you’ve done a TIDAL re-sync?

No, what I meant was that I have done Settings-services-tidal-update music library. I do not know what a Tidal re-sync is. I have also disabled Tidal and re-enabled it.

Just out of curiosity I just added an old (1985) Dylan album and then did the “update music library” thing. Both albums (Dylan and Minusgrader) now on Roon. As I think Americans say, Go Figure. Close this query if you want.

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