Tidal Album Not Showing in Roon

After searching the forums, I see that that there are several instances of this reported.

Wanted to add one more, with a twist in case it helps the Roon folks solve the issues.

The Album Little Fictions by Elbow shows up in TIDAL app, and also in Bluesound app, but not per se in Roon (it shows up, but a different cover and only one track). Also, Roon does not show many of the other albums from the band.


Hey @BriaN_MuRphY1 – where are you located? I’m seeing the full track listing here.

What happens if you click “Other Versions” and then navigate to the album on TIDAL? Do you get the full track listing?

How did you add this album to your library? In Roon or in a TIDAL client?

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Interestingly enough. I’m getting everything from them like @mike and I am in the US. However, I’m getting different pictures from Roon as well.

on the artist page I don’t have a full screen pic nor do I have the listing of the band members:

I do have the full album listing:

But, I have a different cover for Little Fictions:

  1. US
  2. Going from Main Albums (Little Fictions) to Other Versions, I get full track listing and correct cover art.
  3. NOT added to library . . . just search results.
  4. Album doesn’t show under TIDAL results (7albums) in Roon search, but does show when same search is done through BluOS or TIDAL app (8 albums).

  5. It’s this stuff that makes me not envy your job . . .

The screenshot in the first post was from your library – you can see that because it says “Focus on Similar”, as opposed to “Add To Library”.

Anyway, I think you’ll get what you’re expecting if you just add the entire album from this screen:

Also, we understand the issue here, and why this is confusing and it’s something we’re thinking about for future releases.

Interesting. I “Favorited” the song from within TIDAL, but didn’t “Add to Library” through Roon. Wasn’t aware that this is equivalent–good to know.

Still not sure why Roon doesn’t list Little Fictions for me under Main Albums, but does for you and Daniel. Hopefully, you do and can add it to your list of fixes.

Thank you.

I’ve had this same problem with albums but didn’t think it was such a common issue as I’m not seeing after searching a bit.

I’m located in Canada. Are there licensing issues or something with Roon playing Tidal this way? I’ve also seen the “clear Tidal cache” but that page says restricted and I’m unable to access it.