Tidal Album or playlist view, info missing

Hi friends,

I am a heavy Tidal user and I realized that in Album view or playlist view Roon Tidal integration will not show the complete song title as Tidal App does.

In many cases there are many versions of a song on one album and Roon will only show the title but not the subtitle ( year of version or name of edit ). For example on Yello by Yello The Antology album there are two versions of Oh Yeah. Using tidal you are able to decide them by the year. They show as Oh yeah ( 2009 ) and Oh yeah ( Radio Edit ). Roon supresses the subtital and both songs simply show as Oh Yeah. This is just an example. It‘s true always.

My guess is that it shouldn‘t be a problem to grab the Subtitles and show them inside of Roon too. It‘s on my wishlist for Roon :slight_smile:


Hi @Jan_Stroeher. This is something we’re looking into, but I can’t give you any indication of timescales or if it will actually happen. The main issue is whether or not there is rubbish in amongst the useful metadata and, if so, how to filter it out…

Cc: @mike