Tidal Album shows alternate language track titles

The original soundtrack for Moana (on Tidal) appears in Roon with tracks in another language. Seems Nordic maybe?

Hi @Phil_Gilbert,

This type of behavior is something that we are aware of and we have an upcoming change to our metadata service that will resolve this. I can’t provide any specific timeframe for this update as it’s currently in the testing process, but know that this is something that will be addressed soon. Thanks for the report here, Phil, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Cheers. Thanks for the response. My 4 year old will be very impressed when I can once again correctly identify those songs. :wink:

Hi, I ended up here thru search. I am seeing something similar if I understand it correctly. I am looking at Nebraska from Springsteen and see Spanish translations? I am using Qobuz in NL.

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