Tidal album suddenly missing songs

I just noticed songs missing from an album that I’ve had in my Tidal library for a while. This is Rhiannon Giddens’ Freedom Highway. I had the MQA version in my library, and it suddenly is showing only tracks 2, 4, 7, 10, and 12. No difference when I “go to Tidal version,” either. Both versions show all tracks in the Tidal app.

I removed the album from my library on Tidal, synced the service, added it back, synced again. No difference, the tracks are still missing. Weirdly, now the non-MQA version is only showing track 1 plus the ones listed for the MQA version.

Those tracks were definitely there before, I’ve listened to that whole album a few times. How can they suddenly disappear?

I’ve noticed this kind of behaviour as well. Sonfgs are missing. Often I only see one song. I don’t really have this figured out, but once I had succes searching the “Tidal” folder and re-ading it to my library… It is a bit confusing… Hope someone chimes in with more insight :slight_smile:

I have the same Tidal album and I’m seeing the same thing (in the US).

My guess is that Tidal pulled the missing tracks for some reason, probably a rights issue. Good reason to purchase a CD or a download.


I don’t think Tidal has pulled it. I can play all the tracks in the Tidal app. Also, for some reason I can now see all tracks when I go to the Tidal version in Roon, but not in the regular(?) version. There’s something odd going on here in the sync with Tidal, I believe.

I might still buy the album (it’s already in my HDTracks shopping cart ;p), because I really like it. My worry is that other albums might randomly have tracks disappear, too.

I deleted the Tidal album (that is, the one with missing tracks) from my Roon library, re-found the Tidal album by doing a search in Roon, and re-added it to my Roon library. No more missing tracks.

There are two versions of the album on Tidal; I’m guessing one is MQA, but I didn’t investigate thoroughly. IAC, whatever the problem was, it seems to be fixed now.

Good call, I should have tried that. All the tracks are back, though weirdly the numbering is off! The tracks are numbered 1-8 and 10-12, even though there are only 11 tracks. They’re all there, just skipping a number. Strange. Can’t say if it was like that before or not.

Oh well, let’s hope this was just a one-time glitch…

I have exactly the same problem with many (almost all) albums added from Tidal to Roon library. I might delete them from Roon library, and then add them again from Tidal and so I see the full album with all tracks in Roon library but the day after, a couple of songs (of even more) are missing again… And they also disappear in the playlists… I can’t figure out whats happening.

@Eric_Steiner Are these missing tracks viewable and playable in TIDAL’s app? For how long have you had these issues?

Hi Joel, I subscribed to Tidal 10 days ago… And yes all missing tracks are viewable in TIDAL app and also when I go to TIDAL from ROON, all albums that I added to my library appear there as Your Favourites with all tracks. Maybe I should select the tracks (and not the album) and add them to library, I will try and let you know.

You should be fine selecting the albums. When did you notice missing tracks? We had a slight hiccup over the weekend for duration of just an hour and a half on Saturday. If what you’ve noticed seems to correspond with that timing, it’s possible that some of your TIDAL albums picked up some bad copyright data. If you noticed these problems before Saturday, then it’s something else.

I’d touch nothing and see if it resolves itself in the next few days.

Yes I actually noticed it this week-end, cannot remember exactly when… I’ll follow your advice. Lets wait and see!

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Hi Joel,

For what it’s worth, I’m having the same problems as Eric. In the last day or two, about half of my Tidal albums are missing tracks, but all the tracks are there and play perfectly if I go through the ‘Show Tidal version’ method. I’m sure it’ll all fix up soon enough, but just thought I’d mention that Eric isn’t alone.

Just checking in to verify that these issues got resolved.