Tidal album tracks not playing in order


Simple question, when I play an album using Tidal in Roon the tracks do not play in correct order.

Is there a simple explanation for this?



I can think of a couple of reasons:

  1. Shuffle mode has been activated on the queue.

  2. The metadata for the album is in correct.

If #1 it will happen for all albums be they Tidal or local files.

If #2 it will only be for a specific album or limited number of albums.

Can go to the play queue page and check if shuffle mode is active, the shuffle icon will be blue rather than white.

If that’s no the case, can you post some screenshot that demonstrates the issue.

Hi @Jonathan_Albert,

As Carl suggested, this is most likely because Shuffle is enabled. You can find the shuffle option on the Queue screen.

Yes that was it, I had shuffle enabled, thanks for the quick responses!


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