Tidal Album Tracks Unavailable via Roon

I have recently added two Peter Gabriel Albums SO and US from Tidal but the tracks are marked as unavailable in Roon. can you please advise?

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @Ian_McGregor!

Are you able to play these albums directly in TIDAL? I did a search for them in the TIDAL application and it appears as though these albums may not be available for streaming at this time.


Yes, no problem.

Just played SO on my iPhone.

Thanks for confirming, @Ian_McGregor!

Can you confirm what type of TIDAL subscription you have and what region the account is in?


I have a premium account with Tidal and am in the UK.

Have you had any progress on this situation as these albums still have their tracks as unavailable in Roon?

Just to say that bith these albums are now available through Roon so thank you for that.

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Hey @Ian_McGregor,

Iā€™m glad these are showing as available for you now. If you have any other questions always feel free to reach out!


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