Tidal albums are added to my Roon Library but then stop playing and display 'not available'

After I have added an album to my my library from Tidal, Roon shows that it’s there. But if I continue listen that same album, playing stops and Roon annouce that album is now available.

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Hey @Juha_Konttinen,

I moved your post from the previous thread to one of its own. Can you tell us more about what you’re experiencing here? This sounds like something we need to look into.

Can you edit your post above and use the template I added to provide your setup details, please? This will help us troubleshoot your issue.

We’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as soon as we can.

I wonder if this library error happens because I have reached some kind of limit on my Tidal albums collection. Maybe I have too many albums in my Tidal collection? I tried the same with Qobuz with no problem.

Hey @Juha_Konttinen,

I’m not aware of any limit that TIDAL has regarding library size. But it is helpful to know that you’re only experiencing this with TIDAL selections.

Let’s start by having you simply log out of TIDAL in Roon, restart your Core, then log back in to TIDAL and see if that helps.

It used to be 100,000 tracks in Tidal as a maximum favourited.

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Thank you for the correction @ged_hickman1!

@Juha_Konttinen are you pushing more than 100,000 tracks faved on TIDAL?

As far as I know and as per TIDAL last year, the max is 10k for playlists, albums and favourite artists.

Apple have a 100k limit.

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What’s a power of two amongst friends :thinking:

Hey @RBO, thanks for the info here. Do you happen to have a TIDAL link to this announcement? I’m having a hard time finding it in TIDAL’s support resources.

Hi @jamie, sadly not. Someone emailed TIDAL and posted their reply on another forum. This was last year.

Thank you for the follow up @RBO, I appreciate it! I’ll see if I can investigate and get an answer from TIDAL so we have another layer of confirmation. :+1:

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I have met this limit earlier in Tidal own app and I remember that problem was solved by deleting some albums. So Tidal has this limit of songs, does anyone know if Qobuz have it as well? I have now 235 498 songs in my whole collection (Tidal + local storage).

Yes, there is more than 100 000.

I remember someone on here saying that Qobuz has no limit.

Some months ago I too have apparently reached Tidal’s limit. I’d always read on this forum comments as to a limit of 10.000 linked albums, but at starting Roon Server on my core computer, the Roon logs show that there are about 9200 linked Tidal albums. Even so, adding new albums is not possible while I don’t delete a bunch of Tidal albums from Roon’s database. So I am not really sure what exactly is the limit… is it 10.000 CD, taking into account that there are many multi-CD sets? Is it rather a limit on total tracks?

Anyway, when running into the problem, Roon would intend to add the album to the database and would for a moment show success. After a couple of seconds, Roon’s album screen goes white with the message ‘Album not available’ which is of course an erroneous message, as the album definitely IS available and can be played. It just cannot be added to Roon’s library until some other album is deleted first.

Thank you for providing this info @Andreas_Philipp1. We’re pursuing an answer to this and hope to have more details to share soon.

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Thank you @jamie. FWIW, that’s what Roon reports about my Tidal usage:

01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage] Scan reported Library updated LastScanned=1/29/2022 4:39:07 PM
01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage] Library for userid 169320378 has:
01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage]     0 tracks
01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage]     9174 albums
01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage]     0 favorite playlists
01/31 18:03:23 Info: [tidal/storage]     0 playlists

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Hi @Juha_Konttinen,

While we await confirmation of library limits form TIDAL would you mind removing a couple of albums from your TIDAL library and then try to add the album that you haven’t been able to add previously? This could give us a bit more insight on the issue.

I can’t try this now within roon. If I open Tidal from the roon and choose my albums I get my albums list. But if I choose one album there from the list, it shows a ”+” meaning that this chosen album is not one of my Tidal collection albums. Mayby Tidal service guys can answer how this can be possible.

I’m using now roon Remote on my iPad Pro and can’t try now if this works from Tidal iPad app, because Tidal iPad & iPhone apps does not work at all. From Tidal native apps only macOS app is working properly nowadays. I have tried to solve this situation with Tidal service for about 1,5 years, but their service has been poor and their attitude towards my problem very bad. Only thing I got there was that after many many messages with many Tidal staff members, I got a message that their technical staff already knows these problems I have faced and I get 1 month free from subs payment (August 2021).These are the main reasons I have now decited to stop my Tidal HiFi subscription which I started 5.9.2016 (ends 5.2.2022). I know it is not nice to spam Tidal this way, but I think this information can be useful and correct in this context.

I have gladly noticed that here at roon action with service staff works fluently and I have a feeling that I’m listened and my problems/ideas have been taken seriously. I hope thar the relation with my new high res provider Qobus works better too.

For your information: I have now 8 735 albums and 144 566 tracks chosen to my Tidal Collection. I think playlists can have a lot more items chosen to than albums or songs. If you chose album to collection, all the tracks goes into collection also. But if you choose playlist into your collection, tracks in the playlist does not go into collection. If I have understood this correctly. But as I said in the message earlier, my Tidal subscription ends soon and this problem remains for actors to solve.