Tidal albums are added to my Roon Library but then stop playing and display 'not available'

Thank you for the update @Juha_Konttinen.

From what you’re describing above it sounds like you may not be signed in to TIDAL currently in Roon.

To check this please go to Settings>Services>TIDAL in Roon to see if you’re still logged in to your TIDAL account.

No, I’m properly signed to Tidal account. Maybe all these symphoms come from the fact that there is too many songs in Tidal collection.

Anyway, if it is so, why there is no process to deal with this kind of problem. Customer should know about the limit, customer should be inform about the closing limit number when adding songs to collection and there should be a way to handle things if collection still grows over the limit.

Because there is no process dealing with the limit, you there at roon and we here as customers are solving this problem blindfolded.

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