Tidal albums available in Linn Kazoo but not in Roon

Following a tip on another forum I tried searching Tidal within Roon to find an album by a singer called ‘Elizabeth Cotten’. My search returned a few ‘compositions’ but no albums. However, when I searched for ‘Elizabeth Cotten’ in Tidal via Linn’s Kazoo app I found 5 albums in total.

This is a little worrying because I now do almost all of my listening (and searching) using Roon and I don’t like to think I am missing out with some of my searches.

Is there any explanation as to why this might be? Can anyone else find albums by Elizabeth Cotton using Roon?

I am based in the UK, but wouldn’t expect this to be a regional problem.

Hi @hmack,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you search? I did a search and I see the following:

When I click on Elizabeth Cotten, I see the Artist Detail page, including albums:


I can actually see a couple of albums now, but not in the normal place I would look - here are a couple of screenshots:


as you can see in the second screenshot there are a number of compositions listed but no albums.

Here Is what I get when I search Tidal in Linn Kazoo:

As you can see, there are 5 albums in total (or 4 + a second version of one of them).

Well I get one of those but it is listed under Appearances, but I’m US. Maybe it is regional. Access through Linn Kazoo might be through a different region. Try logging in with Tidal’s own app and see what you get.

I can see the same 5 albums via the Tidal app. In the Tidal app, 3 of them come under the heading of ‘Albums’ and 1 each under the separate headings of ‘Compilations’ and ‘Live Albums’.

Hi @hmack — Thanks for the details here!

This looks like what Mike mentions here:

We have a ticket open with our development team regarding this behavior. I can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but in the meantime, you can add an album from Elizabeth Cotten to your library. Once you’ve done this you will have access to the Performer page and not just the Composer page that you currently have access to.


Thanks very much for this. I now have access to all 4 of her albums from within Roon which is great. However, it’s a pretty serious bug and so it would be good to have a full resolution in the near future.

It is strange though that this appears only to occur relatively rarely. I regularly search for albums by artists of whom I have never heard (and don’t have anything of theirs in my library) following a Roon Radio session and almost all of the time I do get access to the Performer page and albums by that Performer/Artist.

Hi @hmack,

As Mike mentioned in his post:

To be clear, the bug happens when you have someone who:

  • Appears in your library as a composer
  • Has 0 performances in your library (meaning they don’t have any tracks, albums, or appearances in your library)

In this situation, Roon will present this person to you as a Composer, but won’t give you the switch to view them as a Performer. That’s the bug.

In the screenshot you shared (below) you can see that you have compositions by Elizabeth Cotten already in your library. Because of this, you experienced this issue with this artist.

We can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but we do have a ticket open and hope to address this in the future.

We appreciate your feedback here, hmack!

Ah yes - I understand now.

Thanks for the explanation.

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