Tidal Albums Disappeared

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Roon 1.8 build 756

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Description Of Issue
I had added almost a thousand Tidal albums to my library by adding within Roon. Now I only have five Tidal albums left (which I may have added to my library from Tidal app itself.) Where did these hundreds of albums go? Thank you.

Hi @Collin_Riggs

Do you see these albums in your TIDAL favorites in the TIDAL app? Roon sync the albums from TIDAL that you have favorited, so if they’re not favorited in TIDAL they won’t appear in your library.

No I don’t (and never have) seen those hundreds of albums in my Tidal app. I’m not sure what is going on.

Ok, I think it was an issue because I had used the Apple login relay to connect Roon to Tidal just days ago. When I logged into my Tidal with my email address instead of the Apple relay I’m now seeing hundreds of albums in my Tidal. I’ll try re logging into Roon when I’m back home and expect the albums will be back. Am still puzzled by this behavior (Apple only charges me for one Tidal account.) thank you.

Logging into Tidal with Roon using my email rather than Apple relay solved my problem. My library is back. Thank you.

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