Tidal Albums I did not add have appeared in my library

A large number of Tidal albums have appeared in my Library, however I did not add them.

A few weeks ago I had a ‘glitch’ where Roon could not access or play the files on my local HDD. A restart of the server and remote resolved the problem.

Shortly afterward I noticed a lot of Tidal icons in my library and I now see about 60% increase in the number of albums reported.

The details are inconsistent: sometimes albums are duplicated in the library, one for the files in my HDD, one for a Tidal version; in other cases the album artwork is there but only a partial Tidal track listing, often showing tracks marked as ‘Unavailable’ in red. In a few cases I can see an album that is in my library but now only Tidal version(s) appear in Roon.

I have tried logging out of Tidal and back in, no change.
I cleaned the Roon database, no effect.
These albums do not appear when I log into Tidal app.
These albums do not appear in Plex (which is also accessing Tidal).

I can manually remove the Tidal versions from Roon, but there are far too many to resolve that way.

Any ideas how I could de-dupe the library without doing a full reinstall of Roon?

Any idea how I can avoid this in future?

I have added a screenshot of this situation.


Roon server and remote running on MacOS (all latest versions)

Hi @Michael_Hayward,

Just for due diligence, have you cleared the Tidal cache? Diagnostics show RoonServer syncing from a cached Tidal library on startup in the automatic logset we’ve pulled for your account. If you didn’t fully refresh the database by deleting the RoonServer folder entirely, this step might help.

  • Exit out of Roon
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs

Secondly, do you encounter this if you restore from a Backup before you encountered the issue?

Do you have any Playlists containing the content you’ve shown in your screenshot, or any other duplicated Tidal/Local albums? We’ll want to rule out whether a Tidal object has become associated inadvertently with a Roon playlist.


Thanks Connor. Tried those steps, and the Tidal tracks just would just be added back to the library. Then I found my problem - I had two Tidal accounts (one is an old trial). When I logged into Tidal app with the proper credentials, all the ‘duplicate’ albums were there as favourites, so Roon was adding them in an expected way.

I was able to remove the tracks thanks to Roon - because I could use Focus and Select All to find, select, and remove. Tidal doesn’t seem to let that happen from their Mac app. I hope they will go away fro my Tidal account soon, as that was not apparently an instant change.

Question is, how did those thousands of albums/tracks get selected as favourites in Tidal in the first place? I certainly didn’t do that.

My guess, and I expect I’m wrong, is that on that one time that Roon couldn’t connect to the files on my HDD there was a routine that said ‘oh, there’s a streaming service, let me get all those ‘missing’ files and connect them to Michael’s database’, or something to that effect. Because I interrupted it partway and restarted the Mac, I only received a partial duplication of my library. I’d rather be warned and given the option if there’s a routine like that.

Anyway, problem seems to be solved and while I probably removed some things I intended to have, it won’t be many as the Tidal account is pretty much new.

I’ll watch carefully in case the issue with accessing the HDD library ever recurs.

Appreciate your help. As always, a good experience for me.


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