Tidal - Albums in AAC

Has anyone noticed that a number of classical albums on Tidal seem to be in AAC? Could be my imagination, but I don’t remember this before…

Not sure this is a roon issue, but thought I should raise it.


Its not anything to do with Roon. Tidal has lots of AAC only albums.

Check that you have at least one Tidal track that is playing in FLAC or MQA to ensure there is nothing wrong in your setting or subscription. Add a new track from the top albums for testing if necessary.

I just signed up for Tidal using the 3 month trial offered by Roon recently. Help me understand this.

An album is listed in Tidal as “FLAC 44.1 16bit” as displayed in the Roon album screen. But when I play it the Signal Path shows Low Quality and the Source as “Tidal AAC 44.1 24bit 2ch”. Why?

In fact I have yet to find a single album that is actually streaming anything other than AAC. And I include MQA albums in that statement.

I also verified the same result outside of Roon using my Lumin interface to Tidal.


Ok, nevermind I figured it out. The three month free trial is at the Premium level. Odd name for something that doesn’t even provide CD quality FLAC! And annoyingly, switching to HiFi dropped my subscription from 3 months to 15 days. Nice.

Anyway, sorry, no complaint against Roon here, was just querying the sharp and helpful folks in this forum.