Tidal albums in Radio play

I saw one ! In about 40 hours of Radio it played 1 Tidal track ! Maybe we could lift that frequency a bit.



From my admittedly limited experience with the Radio function, it seems to pull the vast majority of tracks from my existing library.

I already know what’s in my library, perhaps a bit too well. I would love to hear more Radio cuts from Tidal, exploring artists I may have never heard before.

I’ve done a little experiment today. I brought up album view and just hit Play to listen to my entire library.

Out of 133 songs, 45 were Tidal or about 34%.

The percentage of my library tracks that are Tidal is 38%.

Obviously, it’s pretty close based on sample size. Bottom line is that I’m hearing lots of Tidal.

What percent of your tracks are Tidal?

Cheers, Greg

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About 500 of 1600 albums are Tidal. I’ll check Tracks tonight. An estimate from History across various seeds shows something less than 1% of Radio tracks are Tidal.

Anyone else in the same boat ?

Curious. When I did the test I used my entire library and pressed Play. I’m now retesting using the entire library and pressing Radio.

So far using Radio, 8 songs played, 2 of which are Tidal.

Cheers, Greg

I’m not sure whether or not there’s a difference, but I think the issue here is when playing “Radio”, and not just hitting “Play” on your collection. Is there a difference?

I think there is a difference. One is (I think) a shuffle of all tracks in your library. The other is a seeded algorithm of similar tracks.

Agreed, there are differences as Andy mentions. Although in the example of the entire library it should be similar, there are differences in how the tracks are selected.

Returning to the original issue (using either play or radio), I’m getting Tidal tracks playing. I’m unsure why you’re not.

I’m running Roonserver on Mac OS X.

Cheers, Greg

i’ve learned a little more about Radio and understand that the algorithm isn’t designed to distinguish between Tidal and local entries in a library. That would mean the lower frequency of Tidal content I see should be explicable by the metadata as to genre, ticked tracks, favourites etc.

I haven’t used favourites and can’t see that Tidal metadata is much different from local.

I’m going to keep looking for an explanation, but for the moment this is looking like an issue peculiar to my library rather than a feature request.