Tidal albums incorrectly flagged as CD format on browser

As per topic title, even for Tidal albums not in my library. Please see screenshots: the example album is the third one in the top row in the browser screenshot. As can be seen, there are many more (and it’s not limited to Lucia Popp, either, it’s widespread). Also, not all 16/44.1 albums are flagged, so it doesn’t seem it has to do with CD resolution.

Not a big deal, yet misleading. Did I mention I love Roon?


  • The stylized ‘T’ icon means the album is streamed from Tidal (rather than a local file)
  • The “CD” icon represents that the album is of “CD” audio resolution (16/44 or 16/48)
    Other icons include MP3, AAC, DSD, MQA, 24/88, 24/96

This missing ones are where Roon has not yet acquired format information.

Thanks, Carl. Is that a manual process?

Its automatically done by Roon.

Why is the info not there yet then?

Probably because you haven’t turned it on in the Settings?

I was referring to the fact that

See my screenshot above.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were describing. However, in the example you give, the Popp album is shown as FLAC 44.1 kHz 16 bit. This is CD format, is it not? And it is shown with the CD icon in the browser view. Or are you saying that this was an LP that was never available as a CD?

See op.

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Looking at your op picture, I see CD on the cover of the album you highlight in browse mode. Then when opened I see FLAC 44.1 16 bit. This is correct. I must be misunderstanding your question. Are you saying that you don’t see the cd on the cover of every tidal album that is cd quality? Are you sure they are cd quality. Some tidal albums are mp3 I understand.

Because we don’t get this information directly from TIDAL. The database is being built-up over time.

Thanks, Joel!

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