Tidal albums no longer have covers in Roon [Solved]

In Roon there are no longer covers for tidal albums that are not already added to the library, making music browsing/discovery impossible

Is this a Tidal or Roon problem?? No issues using the tidal app and browser

just went to tidal website and faved this album… cover shows just fine online

now when I restart Roon ( to update the library…) this is what I get:

pfff always problems lately…


I can confirm this too … it was ok earlier today.

It looks like Roon is attempting to download the artwork from the Roon cloud server but it’s timing out. I see a small spinning circle when the art work is tapped.

One for @Mike to pick up.

Same problem here! No covers appears! Problems with servers?

Same here.

And here

Also Tidal is currently unusable in Australia, streaming is stuttering and buffering every few minutes. Did JZ forget to pay the server farm ?

Yep - me too :frowning:

Happened to me around 4pm central time today…

Same here, artwork not comin up

Yep, yesterday …after the update the day before all good…now no covers on Tidal albums when I pick an artist my the albums I have ripped to MY ROON folder have art but below that Main Albums on Tidal do not…and when I play them the Audio quality light is not purple [ perfect bits etc]

Also really sadly…yesterday DISCOVER worked fine today…most panes are blank and it is as slow as hell

Guys what are you doing?? Keep it simple [ as it was when I first subscribed] don’t get fancy trying please everyone,just make sure it works…ROON has a problem here.

Tidal covers are back for me. Don’t know if it was related but I went into Identify Album for “A Wrenched Virile Lore” (Mogwai), it had a thumbnail with the album cover, after I selected it and restarted Roon on the Remote the covers came back. Could have been coincidence.

Tidal albums covers are now all back for me … I did not change anything local … so this ‘outage’ must be related cloud server. Not a big issue for me, but glad there are back now.

The problem improved in the morning but has now returned

Still good here.

All is well this evening. Artwork is again there. I didn’t do anything except a restart.

spoke too soon. problem is back AND when I click on an album on tidal I get a white screen with this error: “there was a network error in accessing this album. Please check your internet and try again”

My internet’s fine…Tidal and Roon not so much. Evening 2 without Roon for me…FIX THIS

Well my TIDAL album covers now back…appears to be a TIDAL problem I hear…Hell is other people huh :smile:

Still having an issue here @stevev1?

Hi Mike,

This issue seems to be solved at the moment. I hope it stays stable…


This problem happened for me as well.

I just added two albums from TIDAL to my library and while they both had cover art in TIDAl, that artwork vanished in Roon. Odd.

This problem started happening for me about two days ago. It’s still broken - any new Tidal albums I add to my library have no cover images. The covers are there before I add them to Roon, but after I add them they disappear.