Tidal Albums not appearing in Roon search

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Asus Zen XT12

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Linn Klimax DS

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Keys II by Alicia Keys has been available in Tidal for a while now. When I search for it in roon it does not appear anywhere. It’s missing from the discography. Searching for it in the Tidal app and it appears immediately… Any clue to why Roon cannot find it?

Hi @Christophe_Deltomme ,

It looks like it does appear if you try to find it through the Alicia Keys Discography tab, but it is not appearing in search easily. I suspect this is an aspect that is related to the search engine, not that the album is actually missing. I’ll pass pass feedback on to the search team, but for now if you want to find this album you can do it on the artist page after sorting by release date, like so:

Excellent , thank you. I added it to my favourites in Tidal and from then on it showed up in Roon.

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