Tidal Albums not appearing in search via Roon

I’ve been using Roon for years but only just got a Tidal sub. I’m am noticing albums are not appearing in the Roon search but are listed and available via the Tidal app. I’m checking the EP section, have hidden albums activated and they appear if I search for the album name specifically, but not there otherwise. Makes music discovery not as straightforward and wondering whether I’m doing something wrong or if there is a fix I need to implement. Many thanks.

I see the same thing. Sometimes albums do not show up in Roon search so I add them in Tidal and/or Qobuz.

Thanks for the tip

Hopefully Roon themselves will have something to say on this

If you and James can provide some examples and your region, that would help support investigate. (since streaming content is gated by region one issue can be a bug in assigning regional exclusions, for example)

Sandy Nelson “Let There Be Drums” ( I know, I know). Anyway, last night I searched for it on Roon and didn’t find it. So, I went to Tidal and Qobuz and added it. I live in Atlanta, GA.

I’m In the UK

Talk Talk

In Roon Search for Talk Talk and hit artist / main albums / tidal and two albums show
In the Tidal app search and hit artist / albums and 7 albums show

The only other thing of note is that this happens with most searches, just did it with Seal and same issue.

In Roon 15 show up, Tidal app 19

Thanks for looking btw. One other question. If I have the artists albums in my own library in Roon, should those albums still appear in the Tidal search?

I’m in Canada - same issue - I can’t search Tidal music that isn’t already in my Library via Roon. I used to be able to do this. Without this, I have to go out to the Tidal app, find and add the music I want, then go back to Roon, wait for it to update and see the new content I’ve added, and then I can play it.

Something in a recent update cause this maybe?



I’ve just discovered this bug as well. For example, Floating Points & Pharaoh Sanders - Promises. Came out recently.

Not showing in Roon search, but is there in Tidal. What is worse, I added it to my collection in the Tidal app, but it is not showing up in my Roon library.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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Did anything ever come of this?
In Canada. Searching Tidal app for artist Coe Hill and 3 tracks come up. In Roon search for Coe Hill and nothing.