Tidal albums not coming up

When I search for albums from particular artists in Roon, not all the albums that I know are available in Tidal are showing up. For example, the new albums from Tindersticks and Bonnie Prince Billy. They are there if I search in just Tidal (not via Roon), but not there when I search for them in Roon.

There is a gap between an album appearing in Tidal and roon. This is due to the Tidal feed mechanism.
If the album doesn’t appear in a couple of days then flag again.

Ok, thanks!

If you go into the TIDAL app and add it to your favourites there it may show in Roon a little sooner.

Still having issues with this. E.g., the Bonnie Prince Billy album, released last week and available on Tidal, does not appear in Roon.

Bigger problem here. No new albums shown up when searching in roon for tidal albums. Only favorites appear.

Update: No problems anymore.

It’s been more than 2 days since The Weeknd’s new singles (“Blinding Lights” and “Heartless”) have been released on Tidal, but it still does not show up on Roon. Adding the two singles as favorites on Tidal did nothing. Logging out of Tidal and logging back in again also did nothing to resolve this issue.

I really hope Roon/Tidal will solve this in a structural way so this kind of stuff never happens again, cause it’s annoying to say the least.

There is a delay between the two as Tidal (and Qobuz) have to create a feed to include all the extra metadata.
Never going to change, roon have optimised it as much as they can.
Search the forum for many such responses.

No offence, but do I need to repeat myself that it’s already been more than 2 days? I really don’t think there is a valid excuse for calling this acceptable. Saying that the process can’t be more “optimised” than this is just insulting, especially as an experienced software engineer.

Take it up with Tidal as the delay is on their end. As has been stated numerous times on the forum.

How is that my responsibility? Am I a software engineer for Roon?

I’m sorry, but I came here for support (which clearly should be handled by Roon and/or Tidal), and this is the platform where I chose to convey my issue with the software (mainly, because Roon seems to prefer that). I did not come here for opinions from fellow users. If you would really represent Roon (which is clearly what you’re trying to), then I’d have to call Roon’s support godawful. I think many would understand. Luckily, it seems that you don’t work for Roon. So, I’m still waiting.

This is a community site, so expect community members to offer help. Also, if you would like Roon support to see your message make sure you post to the correct category.

Getting ill-tempered with those who are trying to help is unnecessary. Nonetheless, a few things to note …

  1. There is a delay which is mostly on TIDAL’s side (as already stated)
  2. If you favourite from within the TIDAL app the release usually appears in an hour or so
  3. It’s a holiday in the US and support is likely to be slower over this period

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m also a regular community member.

Thanks for pointing out that this topic is not in the Support section. I posted here since this topic already existed. I’ve started another topic (see: New TIDAL songs now showing up in Roon (even after days)).

I understand this is a community. And I understand that you are trying to offer help, but that’s simply not what you’re doing. Especially since I’ve already explained why 2 of your 3 arguments don’t apply to my issue. And assuming that I’m ill-tempered, just because I have a complaint (or maybe because I’m forward?) is just plain foolish. I believe I’m being polite. As for your third point, as I’ve said: I’m waiting.

The new David Munyon is available in Tidal since 26.11. and favorited by me and did not appear in Roon 6 days later.

Other albums released days later are available in Roon

Problem is not only with new albums. Example: ICEHOUSE - The Extended Mixes Vol. 2.
Volume 1 this compilation is visible in Roon - added a few months ago.
How long can I wait. In Audirvana everything is OK.

How to live???

Hi everyone,

We are aware of this issue and the team is working to resolve. Please see my post here:


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