Tidal Albums not showing up in Roon

Core Machine

Win10 Pro, Steiger-Dynamics Leet Reference, Intel i5-9600K, 16Gb

Network Details

AmpliFi Mesh Network, on WiFi and Ethernet

Audio Devices


Library Size

29,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Using the Tidal app (not the Tidal link in Roon) an album is listed and all tracks available. Roon shows the same album as unavailable. The latest example, shown in the attached pics, is Joni Mitchell’s The Reprise Albums.

Does the whole album play in the Tidal app? Release date is 25 june 2021
In your Roon screenshot it says added 2 july 2021. So still to come. Don’t have Tidal but in Qobuz only 1 track is avalible.

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