Tidal Albums 'Unavailable'

Tonight I added two albums fromTidal, the tracks and art are there but all say unavailable and of course don’t play. I’ve seen this before but only infrequently, want’s going on ?

It means the information is in the Tidal database, but they don’t have the rights to stream the album. Some labels don’t give streaming rights, or there may be a particaular album by an artist for which rights haven’t been licensed.

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They’ll often do this with new releases as well, though those will have a release date specified underneath the album name.

So why show anything or do they plan on getting rights ?

We can’t make decisions about how the rights associated with TIDAL content, despite how annoying it is that some content is available to display but not stream. It’s a frustrating situation.

Got it, thks

There’s an ECM album (December Avenue) where all but two tracks are available. How do you explain that.

Usually I’ll sample the first track of an album before I decide to add it to my library. In the case of this album those two unavailable tracks where showing as available until I added album to library.

I couldn’t understand why these tracks were not showing up in the queue before I added album to library, I selected tracks to be “add to queue”, which roon allow me to try, but they didn’t end up in the queue.

I have a different issue. My Tidal account (Premium, United States) allows me to play the entire Wonder Boys soundtrack, yet in Roon about 1/2 the album is “unavailable.” That’s an album that’s been released since 1999. On Van Morrison’s LP, out today, I can stream the entire thing on my tidal app, but the whole album is showing “unavailable” on Roon. I’m seeing this more and more lately…

I have a Canadian Tidal account and Roon shows unavailble tracks for Wonder Boys as well. If I go to the Tidal app it seems to match up with Roon. However, the Tidal app is only showing tracks 1, 5, 8, 10, 11. The unavailable tracks don’t show at all.

Cheers, Greg

On my US account, the Tidal app (iPhone) shows and plays all tracks.