Tidal albums with out-of-order tracks

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

I’ve made no edits yet, but will have to…

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

A new Tidal release

Description of the issue

Look at the track order… track numbers 1-9 are duplicated and the tracks are out of order for a newly released Tidal album which has just been saved into my database. I know I can edit this with ‘Fix Track Grouping’, but this in recent times happens more and more. It’s tedious to have to edit track order in so many albums from Tidal… This really should only occur exceptionally and not quite so often as it is the case.

Another aspect is the missing composer info on track level; this too has to be edited manually. And this too is occurring more and more…

This is how the track list looks after my manual editing; truth is I get tired having to do this with so many albums…

Quickly checked this album via Qobuz/Roon, and track order is correct here, so seems like a glitch with Tidal/Roon maybe - did you check in Tidal’s App?

Just checked this in the Tidal app, and it is definitely Tidal’s problem and has been as well with other albums where I experienced the same problem. I am reporting here for whatever influence Roon may have with Tidal, but this problem has recently gotten worse—more and more albums by Tidal show up with the misnumbered and mixed up tracks.

I’d say, you guys should give personal feedback to Tidal as well!

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Hey @Andreas_Philipp1,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about this and for checking the appearance of these tracks directly on TIDAL. It’s not uncommon for brand new releases to have scant metadata when they first appear on streaming then get updated with more complete information later.

With popular titles the lack of complete information presents less of a impediment than it can with Classical selections. I’ll bring this to the team’s attention so we can take a closer look on our side. Before you go to all the work of making manual adjustments, Andreas. I would give it a few weeks to see if the issue corrects itself. It likely will.

Hello @jamie,

Thanks for taking this up. The problem is not so much missing metadata, which itself is annoying in the face of Roon’s value proposition, and which may or may not be updated later on. The main problem is that Tidal albums are being published with the tracks out of order, and this in my experience definitely is never being corrected later on.

When in 2020 I first encountered this problem, it was with older and newer releases by Linn which are notorious for that. But in recent months I find this with more and more albums, new and not so recent, and it seems to me that this problem is particular for some labels (e.g. labels of the French Outhere) and not others. But, as apparently Qobuz is not affected, while receiving their releases and metadata by the same labels, I wonder what in Tidal’s process allows this to happen. And, of course, if these albums with out-of-order tracks appears as is in Roon, this will reflect badly on the platform which proposes to present us with an enriched user experience. I believe you’ll understand that listening to classical music with the tracks not corresponding to the announced works and movements is an absurdity.

Hello again @Andreas_Philipp1,

Indeed I do understand. I also understand how passionate you are about your music. Your posts in the Music channel of our boards are always well informed and articulate. I’ve learned a lot reading them. :pray:

We’re going to investigate this and see what we can do here. As always we appreciate your courtesy, and your bringing this to our attention. Many thanks!

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Hey @Andreas_Philipp1,

We’ve reached out to TIDAL to let them know we’ve seen this issue a few times with recent Classical releases. Thanks again for letting us know. We hope that the heads up to them helps! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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