TIDAL and CD Quality

I use the trial HIFI account for TIDAL and recognized that some CD have are not 44.1kHz.

The second issue is that TIDAL should mark watermarked Albums so the customer knows it and can decide if they like that service.

Asking that the technical support from TIDAL, I got the answer i got that answer:

Originally Posted By TIDAL
***Hello Robert,
Thank you for contacting TIDAL customer support.

  1. 85% of our catalogue is in HiFi, unfortunately the record label has not sent us HiFi of Egyptrixx. I have reported it in so our content department will try to get new files.
  2. I will forward the suggestion to our product team, maybe they will decide to do it in the future.
    Best Regards,***

It’s nice that they promise me to get a new file, but I don’t like that kind of selling politics to pay 100% (not right now as I have a trial account) and then get only 85%.

That should be known/published on their homepage.
And when their customers stream fewer watermarked albums, then hopefully / finally the CD manufacturer will recognized.

Question: what influence did have waternarks on streaming content?
I can understand if you don’t want to buy an album with watermarks, but streaming?