Tidal and focus groups in Roon

I’ve added a bunch of albums to my Library from Tidal.
Is there a way to include them in my focus groups in Roon, so that songs from them are included when I load a focus group and click play?


Once you have added the Tidal albums to Roon, it should be seamless and provided the focus criteria is wide enough to capture them, they should automatically be included when a saved focus (bookmarked) is reloaded.

If this is not happing for you, are you able give us a couple of specific examples of where it is failing.
Can you include:

  • Focus criteria
  • Album criteria

I just made a focus group, with only 2 types of criteria:
) About 10 genres in Rock and Jazz: Rock, Jazz, Pop, folk rock, Jpop, etc - all common genres.
2) The other criteria was album type and I included all of them: album, EP, single, etc.
The resulting focus group includes over 1000 albums.

I have about 300 Tidal albums in my library, about 200 of them should come under the genres I picked.

None of them show up as part of the results of the Focus group

I would also relax the album type if you are select all 4 types there’s little merit in using it, other than to exclude all albums that are not categorised (which is probably a metadata error).

Can you look at 2 or 3 of these 200 albums and check if they actual match the focus criteria you have set.

I suspect those Tidal albums may not have the genres tags you are expecting.
It may be they are using an alternative genre… but without examples I can only speculate.

What I’m trying to establish is whether it’s ‘missing’ genre or that the focus mechanism is not working properly … I suspect the forum (esp. as it seems ok on my system / library).

Okay, this seems to be related to Genre.

If I pick general categories in Roon, like “artists” or “genres”: the Tidal albums appear in the resulting list. Also, if I pick an indivdual artist, like David Bowie, his Tidal albums do come up, together with the albums on my HD.

But when I use the focus function (which has a focus on genres) or pick a specific genre like “Rock” the Tidal albums aren’t included.


Hi Danny,

In Settings>General, do you have Show Roon Genres set to No and Show Genres from File Tags set to Yes?

If I set my system to the above, none of my Tidal album have Genres associated with them.

Cheers, Greg

Yes. I suspected that was the situation. It explains why the albums don’t show up in a focus group.

But then why do the Tidal albums appear when I click on the “Genres” entry in the app navigation, and pick a genre like “Rock”?

The only way I could replicate finding Tidal albums selecting Genres, as you mentioned, was if I selected an Artist under Artist Highlights.

If you select the Artist, it will show all albums in your library for the artist, including Tidal.

If you look at the Album Highlights under a Genre, you should only see albums that have that that Genre. So, no Tidal albums.

Does that make sense?

Cheers, Greg