Tidal and Qobuz has stopped working

Same issue here in the UAE, I noticed that suddenly search stopped working and I cannot load the main page of either Tidal or Qobuz inside Roon… When I disable the Tidal and Qobuz services everything works perfect…

I can play music (both Tidal and Qobuz) from the “Discover” page on Roon Remote (mobile), despite the ambiguous error message. It’s not much, but it’s something to listen to on a Saturday. I’m guessing the terrific folks at Roon are scrambling as fast as is humanly possible to remedy this issue. Or, they just need to pay their ISP. :slight_smile:

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Get permanently network error messages. Qobuz app itself works fine. All other apps ant google works fine. Just Roon app delivers these error messages. I run a nucleus.

Not working at all now.

Same issue for me. I am glad it’s not my system - I spent a while this evening rebooting core, rebooting router, deleting Roon cache, swapping networks, checking firewalls and seeing if I had updates pending. Works fine with my local albums but not with Tidal. I’ve tried signing out and in to Tidal too.

I keep Tidal and Qobuz accounts mostly as a backup if one or the other goes down for an extended period of time as much as for those few selections that are exclusive to a particular service. I never expected Roon to have an issue that would cause a problem for hours or longer to all streaming options. Hopefully there will be lessons learned from this event and it will be an exceedingly rare situation.

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Same here, Tidal! :frowning:

same here with both qbuz and tidal. Since it’s the weekend, probably not going to get fixed soon.

Hi All,

Bot sure if other users are having an issue that fails to load tidal with the red overlay?

My network location is fine so I dont get it? Nothing has changed from my end.



All the sale with TIDAL that works perfectly with MconnectHD but not with Roon: Network error. Probably due to à problem related to Roon servers . But where is Roon answer ?

These kinds of problem make me wonder if I want to renew Roon when my subscription is up. I have about 400GB of high res files, and I can go back to UPnP for those. Once Naim adds native Qobuz support (coming) I’ll need to think about whether the Roon subscription is worth it, especially for those times when I just doesn’t work, due to network errors being worked on.

Here I am on a Saturday afternoon and with some time to enjoy music, as long as it isn’t Roon. :roll_eyes:

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I can play music (both Tidal and Qobuz) from the “Discover” page on Roon Remote (mobile), despite the ambiguous error message. It’s not much, but it’s something to listen to on a Saturday.

Good thing i checked here. Thought it was due to my network but looks broader than that. At least I have music to stream of play off vinyl to keep me entertained while the team at roon resolves things.

not working for me either, very frustrating!!

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sucks for those of us who enjoy listening to music on the weekend!

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Suddenly Roon search with Qobuz not working at all, any recommendations?

Tidal, Qobuz through Roon restricted available. The apps of both work fine. Error message from Roon is: check network connection. Very slow search. Radio only local files. Overview is loading very slow, or not at all. On artist pages Tidal content surfaces after some time, Qobuz not. Strangely I can play Qobuz or Tidal content from my library

Tidal through Roon is loading extremely slow

using Mac OS Catalina

And Roon Radio still works… so I’m enjoying my favourite Roon feature.

Same here in Copenhagen… Tidal via roon is causing errors. However Tidal works fine on it’s own. Believe the problem lies with Roon.

Hope they figure it out soon.

Running Core on NUK…