Tidal and Qobuz has stopped working

Same here . Error Loading Page. Check your network connection.
The connection is fine. I have not seen this error before. I am a relative newbie.

Just for Clarification sake, I am Peter Goldsmith, signed in under my wife’s login.

Hi everyone, thanks for the reports. The team is investigating and I’ll be sure to provide an update as soon as we have more information.


And another one suffering the same problem. Qobuz either very slow to load or not working. Qobuz app works fine. Internet works fine.

Glad I’m not crazy. When this happens in the future if some kind of in-app notification could be shown that would be awesome! I’ve already reinstalled Roon twice and rebooted my whole house before stumbling on this!

I can continue to play the Qobuz album I am listening to, but when I tried to switch to select a new album I get network error.

Also here the same issue when using Roon with Tidal. Network timeouts and hanging everywhere. I’ve checked my Roon server logs and see network timeouts (bad gateway 502 response) from Roon web api to retrieve metadata. This is a setup that has been working fine before. To rule out network connectivity I even plugged my Roon Core’s lan cable in my laptop and all works fine regarding internet connectivity. Tidal apps works fine so it’s not a Tidal issue as such but a Roon integration issue. I had to logout on my Tidal account in Roon to get Roon working again at least against my local library. But ofcourse I’m stuck now being unable to play Tidal via Roon and having to revert to Airplay.

I use Roon constantly/daily. Woke up this am to lots of “Error loading page. Please check your network connection” …

And these in my RoonServer log:

Error in web request https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/search2/works?xxxxxx … NetworkError (The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.)

It looks like Tidal/music streams and plays fine but any requests going to Roon endpoints/servers are struggling.

Restarted both RoonServer and my client just to make sure. Didn’t fix anything. RoonServer is hard wired to a 1Gbps fiber connection. This is not an issue on my end afaik.


Yep. I’m getting the same. Can’t interact with the servers. Search is not available. Tidal is not available.

I’m in Europe. Have been using Roon all day so far for a nice listening day, with rainy weather. And since about 17:00 CET I’m facing issues indeed. Access to Qobuz for browsing is super slow and repeatedly reports connection issues. Qobuz tracks in my library play fine though, so it must indeed be a metadata issue.

The Qobuz app is working fine so it’s Roon specific. I don’t have Tidal to test that.

I am having the same issue with Tidal this morning in SF. Streams OK, but can’t search/load tidal front page. Using the Tidal app itself works fine, problem seems to be limited to Roon.

Yup, same issues here in London.

lots of “Error loading page. Please check your network connection” … while trying to go to Overview or Discover

Same here in London. Tidal streams are accessible from the standalone Tidal app, but not from within Roon.

At least we now know it’s not just us.

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Same here (symptoms and connectivity).

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Did anybody report it to Roon support yet?
They don’t seem to act on it yet…

As presumably nobody did that, I just created a support topic on it.
I’m still facing the issue now and presume I am not the only one.
Saturday evening is prime time listening hour so I hope they fix it soon.

Same problem in the Netherlands, error loading page, never experienced this before

Yes this is in support and they answered they were looking in to it several posts up…

Same here. Error loading page… The added to library tracks from Tidal work fine.
Core on W10 and streaming over ropieee

Me too. I just wrote about this also. I thought it was just me, but maybe something is wrong with Roon.

Same here. Not loading Tidal properly.