Tidal and Qobuz has stopped working

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Please provide more information about the i3 computer, e.g. make, model, memory etc. Also, details of the wi-fi connection will help. Is it an integrated wi-fi card?

I am having the same issue with Qobuz. It is currently still playing, but I can’t select any different albums. Says check network.

Yep, me too. And I get the same with Tidal…constantly…and with different outputs, but not with the core machine connected directly to my DAC.

Same issue here

Hi everyone, please see my post here:

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Thanks Dylan!


Roon suddenly stopped accessing Tidal and Quobuz. I get an error to recheck my network.

Tidal and Quobuz work perfectly on the dCS app and each of their independent apps. I have logged in and out of the services. I have rebooted my Roon server. I have rebooted my Roon network. It’s like Roon and these services can’t talk to each other anymore for some reason as of this morning.

Any ideas.

Same here. Edit: with Qobuz

Same here. 05%20AM .
Please fix.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core i7

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Hifiberry ethernet

Description Of Issue
Can’t load tidal,
My internet conection is fine but roon cant load tidal. Tidal app from windows loads fine no problem. Roon says to check my internet conection, but as I said before the conection is fine.
I just bought a lifetime subscription. I regret this decision already

Same here with Tidal.

Some problems in Roon. No Qobuz no Tidal. Sometimes a few albums show up. Most the time no connection- Both services are available in Audirvana.

Same here with Qobuz.

Qobuz not working Roon for hours now.

Really weird. Streaming from Qobuz but no longer able to search Qobuz and if I go Qobuz in Roon for recently released wont play.

Same Here with TIDAL via Roon.
The problems begun yesterday. The core is on Qnap TVS 473 so I started
changing DNS addresses but The problem still exists. The message from Roon:
“Error loading page. Please check YouTube network connection”.

I presume this is related to the Tidal and Qobuz issue but album detection is not working at all for me. Ever time i try to identify an album it either brings nothing up or advises to check internet connection which is working fine (otherwise would not be able to post here!!). I noticed other people seem to be having issues with it advising is not connected to the internet so presume is something to do that problem.

me too
Cant load tidal from roon. No problem doing so from windows tidal app.
I posted my problem here no answer so far