Tidal and Qobuz versions in library (effect on roon performance?)

Does having both Tidal and Qobuz versions of an album in roon’s library have any impact on performance. Specifically when you are dealing with thousands of albums?

It will have some impact, but it depends on how many albums/versions you have, compute power available, connection speed, etc. I’m still doing okay with an 8-year-old i5 Mac mini, 60,664 tracks and 3683 total albums, of which 538 are Tidal and 1,018 are Qobuz. (I’m still doing some cleanup, but I’d estimate 95% of the Tidal albums have corresponding Qobuz versions.)

(Looks like my Roon database is around 7 GB.)

I just wrote a maybe related issue:

That is my only complaint with version 1.6. It seems to me much more sluggish. I’m not sure if that is because I have also signed up for qubuz or it’s just slow. Does anybody know if having a faster remote control would be better? I currently am using a two-year-old iPad Pro as my remote and wondered if it would make any sense to get the newest iPad Pro since they have much faster processing speeds or if it’s all about my Mac Mini roon server speed.

I have same observation.

On my desktop as Control and using Remote Desktop to my CORE server (i7) I have gone from Instant to about a 3 second delay from hitting “artist” to seeing “Main Albums”.

I was impressed with instant

My changes were 1.6 and adding Tidal (vs. 1.5 and local only)

I also use iPad Pro (couple years old) and new iPhone. I noticed slower performance on phone as control

I run my Roon 1.6 core on a NUC running Windows 10 that also hosts my Plex server. I just went to the Artists page on a Windows 10 laptop on WiFi that I use to control Roon and clicked on Fleetwood Mac and their page came up instantly with all 15 albums in my library displayed. All 15 albums are Tidal albums. Went back to the Artists page and selected The Rolling Stones and all 10 albums in my library displayed instantly. Again all are Tidal albums.

Not sure why your results are different but I’m not seeing any slowdown with 1.6. My laptop is a relatively new Acer Aspire with an i7 CPU and an nVidia 1050i GPU.

Good luck figuring out what is causing your issues.


While I have added Tidal only a couple albums are from Tidal. My local library is large (20,000 albums) so that may be part of it.

It is just interesting that performance seems to have changed upon adding 1.6 and adding the Tidal subscription (which may not be a factor).

With all the different versions and mixes I have 63 local Fleetwood Mac albums as an example :).

The 3 second example is still ok but I will check to see if there is anything on my end. I just noticed others with similar comments