Tidal and Quobuz show previously available as unavailable

For the past several days SOME albums that have previously streamed with no problem are showing up as unavailable. I wonder if this has something to do with the Amazon web services problems? Anyone else seeing this?

I’m definitely seeing some oddities in Qobuz playlists (I’m not a Tidal subscriber) where tracks are showing as unavailable. Digging into native Qobuz app the tracks also show as unavailable but if I search then look through releases (or discographies within Roon) the albums are there. I wonder if there’s possibly some recataloguing or meta data changes happening at the Qobuz end. It is weird - and frustrating.

I am unable to access any of the music I have added to my library from Tidal. This probelem started 2-3 days ago. Roon says I am logged into Tidal, but it does not access any of the music on Tidal. Very frustrating.