TIDAL and Roon Add to My Library Integration Doubt

Hi There,

Quick question here…Does Roon add automatically albums to my Roon server music when I add them through the iOS TIDAL App?..Im pretty sure that this was something I was able to do, but now is simply not happening. The thing is that many times I listen through the TIDAL App when conmmuting and add albums that I would like to show up automatically within Roon later and avoid to do it manually again.

Roon will add them to your Roon library when you favorite them in Tidal.

A couple of thing to check:

  • Make sure that Roon is logged into your Tidal account (Roon Setting Services - Tidal --> Edit).
  • Check when the last Roon Tidal sync was performed (Roon Setting Services - Tidal --> Edit).
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