TIDAL and the Favorite Albums

hi folks my problem is why the albums not organized by last add ? No way to Organize albums, just alphabetical order!

Hi @Giona_Orlandi. Roon will import TIDAL favourited albums with the same import date as when you favourited them in TIDAL. You should be able to sort by this import date in the album browser.

I’m moving this thread to the Support forum, in case you need any more help.


hi, but when i go on Tidal favourite albums ( I have no choice!)

I think @Giona_Orlandi is looking at this screen (Menu > Tidal > Your Favorites):

Ahhhh. Okay. Yes, I admit that those screens are limited.

@Giona_Orlandi Please try this:

  • Go to the album browser (Menu --> Albums).
  • Click on “Focus”.
  • On the very right hand side (you many need to scroll the focus pop-up to the right), there is a focus option called “Format” - click it.
  • Select TIDAL.

This achieves the same thing as going to Menu --> TIDAL --> Favourites, except that you have the Sort By options available to you.

My advice, once you have focused on your TIDAL albums, would be to Bookmark the page so you can get to your TIDAL albums (favourites) in only a couple of clicks.

yessss Joel i use the simple method, go directly on Tidal Favorite Albums;-)
but I’ll try this not simple procedure …
many thanks

Once you’ve created the bookmark, you’ll be back to simple again. :slight_smile:

@joel ,ok i have find the new bookmarks ! :slight_smile:

no i change again, in the favourites albums when i use the new bookmarks, it bring in main tidal albums ! :frowning:

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