Tidal Android - Now playing? Does it exist?


Not too sure if this sort of post is allowed, but my question refers to the Android version of Tidal only. I am trying for the life of me to work out how to access the now playing list ? I

am experiencing inconsistent and frustrating behaviour as regards track sequencing using the Tidal Android app for my phone, and DAP. It sometimes plays all a playlist or album and sometime just inserts the track selected into the current playlist, but there’s no apparent way to actually see or curate the Now Playing list.

Any pointers?


Swipe left from the “now playing” current track screen and it will split the screen with the now playing at the top and the “Next Up” list below that. Swipe right from that screen to get back to the “now playing” again.

How the queue works pasted from Reddit.

"The Play queue was adjusted in one of the previous versions. The play queue now works on an hierarchical or priority basis. i.e. If you just hit play on a play list, it will be added to the play queue however, its priority is low because it was not “actively” added to the play queue. So what will happen is this: If you hit play on playlist A, it is added to the play queue and it will start playing. While it is playing, if you then add Playlist B to the queue by clicking on “add to play queue”. It is an active add and it trumps all other tracks in the playlist except for the currently playing track. The tracks on Playlist A will be pushed to the bottom. If you do the same with Playlist C by adding it to the play queue, all tracks in Playlist A will get pushed further down as Playlist C has a higher priority.

If you select “play next” on for an album, only the next song will play. The rest of the tracks will be added to the queue based on priority of other tracks."

How do I add to the bottom of the queue ?

“The only way you can add this to the bottom of the current playlist playing is if you added the previous playlist to the play queue in the same manner. (Please refer back to previous email.) You have to use the add to play queue function.”

Thanks Ged!

I’d read that reddit post and it pretty much didn’t help at all, as I wanted to have access to the play queue to clear it and generally have control over what I’m listening to :slight_smile: - but your swiping advice hits the nail on the head 100% - you’re an absolute starI

I don’t use the Tidal client much but you asked about the only thing I did know!

The reddit post does explain the rather odd behaviours when you add stuff though! Imagine the comments that the roon community would make if that is how the queues work in roon.

LOL, right!

I only use the tidal client when on the go. I still find it more elegant than Bubble or USB Player Pro and such, also I was dipping back into bubble recently because of the strange q behaviour.

Can’t wait til Roon gets a proper mobile app going to trump them all :slight_smile: