Tidal apparently really wants to keep their subscriber numbers up

I quit Tidal several months ago (I have Qobuz and generally like it better due to no MQA), and a few weeks later Tidal emailed me a $1.99 for 3 month Tidal Hi-Fi deal. Hard to pass that up so I re-subscribed and then canceled so it would not auto-renew, and used up the 3 months. Again after that closed, they offered me another 3 months for $1.99 via email!

Moral of the story, if you’re looking for a deal on Tidal maybe try quitting Tidal first :wink:


Not something I would do just to save a little money.

Something similar for Apple Music. I canceled the subscription three times. And always I was able to resubscribe for 9,99 for three months.

We need to be wary not supporting both services or we may have nothing.