TIDAL Argentina shows empty Artists and Albums

I’ve been using TIDAL and Roon for a few months without issues, with a US Tidal account.

TIDAL recently opened in Argentina. When I switched from one account to the new one, I can login but there’s no TIDAL content inside Roon. Nothing shows up in searches, and favorites don’t sync.

The account works perfectly fine outside of Roon. I tried redoing the database from scratch without success.

If I switch back to the US TIDAL account, everything goes back to normal.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi Sebastian,

You may need to clear your Tidal Cache, but let’s flag @eric to confirm and run you through the procedure.

I’ll move this to support to get better help.

Cheers, Greg

Unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem. I had previously erased the whole Roon folder from the Library (i’m in OSX), and reinstalled, and the same issue comes back.

I retried erasing the content of the Cache folder anyway but no luck.

It’s possible it has something to do with Argentina Tidal being new and Roon metadata (just a guess).

Let’s flag @mike or @vova on this one.

Cheers, Greg

Hey @romerosebastian – we’re going to look into this. I’m guessing we need to update our region support to include Argentina, but I need to confirm that.

Myself or @Eric will follow up. Sorry for the trouble here!

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Hi @romerosebastian. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You should be able to play TIDAL content with your Argentina account around tomorrow (Saturday) evening your time - please let us know if it still doesn’t work for you!


@Eric @mike

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It does work indeed. Thank you very much for your help.

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