Tidal artist catalog incomplete?


I am a newbie to Roon so go easy on me. I have read what I could find on this subject but the various posts do not seem to answer my question fully.

Basically I am looking up an artist - in this case Bruno Mars - and on Roon it lists only two albums and on those albums there is only one track available each! On my Tidal app there is no problem on my computer or on my cell phone app. All of the artist’s catalog shows up ready to play.

Tidal is my main music source so I don’t see continuing with Roon past the two week trial if this is a normal situation for the Roon/Tidal interface. What is the point of using Room when Tidal will give me access to all of the catalog?

If you can suggest if there is a setting I am missing or whether this is normal I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Hello James,

Welcome to the Roon forum.

Select Tidal from the Roon Browse menu
Search for Bruno Mars
Select Bruno Mars from Tidal Artists

Tidal Main Albums should appear in the Top Row

EPs singles are listed in the row below albums.

Enjoy, Robert

Hi @James_Nero ----- Thank you for the report and welcome to Roon. I wanted to just piggy back on the information that Robert (@rrwwss52) has so kindly provided (:thumbsup: :clap: ) to you with some screenshots so you see exactly what he is referencing :sunglasses:

“Select Tidal from the Roon Browse menu”

“Search for Bruno Mars”

“Select Bruno Mars from Tidal Artists (Tidal Main Albums should appear in the Top Row)”


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Hello Robert and Eric,

Thank you for your quick response and ideas. I already have performed the suggested method by both of you. That is how I arrived at the realization that the Roon search was deficient. I only get, for a search of Bruno Mars, two albums with one song each. I have also searched for other artists and I get varying results with many retrieving incomplete catalogs.

I can`t think of any way my setup would be incorrect so I am stumped. I now have about 10 days to figure it out before the trial period runs out. Perhaps I will uninstall and reinstall the software later today and see if that helps at all.


@James_Nero ----- Thank you for the follow up and the clarification. I know you mentioned in your post that TIDAL is your main source of musical content, but may I kindly ask you to please verify if you have the album(s) you are searching for currently in a local library somewhere that is being seen as a “watch folder” by Roon.

IF “YES” - > Can you access the tidal version view the “other versions” button?

IF “NO” - > What happens if you star the album on the tidal website? does the correct version appear in your library?


I have a similiar problem. I am trying to search for “Ryan Adams” but it doesn’t yield any results apart from “Ryan Adams and the Cardinals” (which I have saved on my macbook). But the other albums which are included in Tidal are not shown. I am using the Tidal section within Roon. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Eric,

The albums are not in a local library. I did try to star the artist on Tidal but it did not change anything on Roon search.


Hi Robin,

Unfortunately misery likes company! May I ask if you are a new subscriber to Roon as I am or as a veteran Roon user has your search results recently changed?


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I did not answer your question completely Eric. I did not star the album on Tidal. Only the artist. I do not think that will make a difference but I will try it when I get home. I will also send some screen captures when I get home later tonight.


Dear James,

I have recently ended the trial period and have subscribed to the one year membership.

So far everthing seems to have worked pretty well. This is one of the first weird things I noticed.

How about you?

Kind regards,

Hey @Robin_Beek – this is what I’m seeing in search results:

Note that I’m looking at the TIDAL Artists section — are you?

Moving on to @James_Nero :

Hey @James_Nero – just note that this doesn’t actually add any albums to your library. “Favorited” albums are added to your library, but Artists work a little differently. You will be able to find "favorited’ artists like Bruno Mars in Roon by navigating in the sidebar to TIDAL > Your Favorites.

Anyway, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the Bruno Mars page in Roon, like in @Eric’s last screenshot. Then I’m sure we can figure this out.

Thanks guys!

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Hi Robin,

After the search for Ryan Adams, are you clicking on the Tidal Artists, next to Library Artists?

See the top of my screenshot.

Cheers, Greg


Hah, of course I didn’t. Now its working fine. Thanks guys!

Thanks Mike, I had overlooked that!

Here are some screenshots of my search of Tidal via Roon.

This is my search for ‘Bruno Mars’.

Now I choose ‘Tidal Artists’ and 'Bruno Mars".

Here it shows only two albums even after I ‘starred’ 24K Magic in Tidal.

Finally when I select 24K Magic I get only the song ‘Perm’ as a choice.


Hi James,

It looks like you only favourited Perm in Tidal. If you click on the Other Versions button, and then select View Album on Tidal, it will show you the entire album. Then click Add to Library and it will add the rest of the songs.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @James_Nero,
Using Roon linked to a UK based Tidal account, this is what I see when searching for Bruno Mars:

Initial set of Tidal albums:

After clicking view all:

Page #1

Page #2

Page #2

I wonder if there is some Tidal Geo. Restriction getting in the mix here.

Hi @James_Nero,
Looking specifically at 24K Magic (not in my lib at this time, only in Tidal):

This is what I see when I select the Tidal album:


Clicking the Add To Library Yields:

Once added it now shows up in, as a Tidal album, in my local library.

Can I suggest you try similar with this artist/album and also with a different artist/album combination.

Hi @James_Nero ----- Just checking in to see if any progress has been made here. Let me know if you need further assistance and I’ll be glad to lend a hand.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your suggestion. My screen in Roon did not show ‘Other Versions’ for Bruno Mars. It does for some artists and not for others. I did find it odd that because Perm was favoured in Tidal then it was the only song to show up in Roon. Shouldn’t Roon show all of Bruno Mars’ catalog and then show Perm in my favourites?

I then went to Tidal and starred (favoured) Bruno Mars and viola the whole Bruno Mars catalog showed up in Roon. This had me concerned that I would have to be working both softwares consecutively. I was thinking that I would have to star in Tidal everything I wanted to show up in Roon for searches, etc. However I did some searches of new artists that were not currently in my starred Tidal selections and their entire catalogs showed up and I was able to select, play and add them to my Roon library.

That is also when I discovered something else. It was only after I added an album to my Roon library that the ‘Other Versions’ button appeared. Otherwise on a simple search for something new there is no ‘Other Versions’ option.

This is getting long so I will sign off. I will continue to play around and see if there are more quirks like my Bruno Mars search but for now your assistance has helped me to get to the next level with Roon.