Tidal artist catalog incomplete?

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t think there are geo restrictions inherent in my Bruno Mars search issue as I can compare directly what should be available to me on Roon by accessing Bruno Mars in my Tidal software. They should be in and of the same.

I do note that you have more selections of Bruno in your screenshots then I get on Tidal in Canada and that is certainly a geo restriction. :thumbsdown:


Hi again James,

I agree with accounts setup from the same country you should typically be able to view the same results from both the Tidal and Roon applications (new releases excepted as there is a small lag before Roon has them).

The fact that I can see more results for Bruno Mars confirms that they are in Roon’s backend database … so I’m going to leave a tag for @support to follow up on this with you again.

Hi James,

The massive amount of results that @Carl gets is from the search of Bruno Mars, where you scroll down to Tidal Albums and then view all. So, it includes lots of other artists with Bruno Mars in the title.

Just so you know, I’m seeing exactly what Carl sees and I’m just a ferry ride from you in Victoria.

Just to clarify, Other Versions is by album, not artist.

Regarding Perm, if you favourited it in Tidal, then after the next sync, it will show in your library. The fact that there was no Other Version button is strange.

Something strange is (was) going on here. You shouldn’t need to favourite (in Tidal) or Add to Library (in Roon) to see all of Bruno Mars Tidal catalogue.

Here’s an example. I searched Gucci Mane. I never heard of the guy and don’t have any of his music. Here’s what I get.

Then I select the Tidal Artist.

I scroll down to the Tidal Albums and Singles. (Note the Tidal logo in front of Main Albums. It shows they are in Tidal, not my library.

So, if you weren’t seeing this with Bruno Mars, even before favouriting the artist in Tidal, then something was wrong.

Hopefully it’s resolved itself.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @James_Nero ----- My apologies for the delay getting around to this thread. Have there been any other developments made here since we last spoke? Let me know, thanks!


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