Tidal artists not found. Playlists not syncing


Could you please help me?

Roon stopped syncing my tidal playlist, out of the blue.

I just added 4 new songs on my list (via tidal app), and they are not being found on Roon.

Already did the manually syncing, as well reboot everything, and did not work at all.

Here’s the link of the playlist

Besides that, there are some artists that are not being found on roon, but they are on the tidal app.

Ex: tresa sauer

Thanks for your help!


same issue for me with the current version of rock and client. i.e.
TIDAL album: “In Bloom” and many more of GRANT

No search result on Roon. Deactivating and activating Tidal service. Mark as favorite in Tidal, but not listed in Roon.


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