TIDAL artwork not acquired

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 10th Generation, ROCK.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

TIDAL artwork not acquired After March 10th

I tried the following
1.Settings → Setup → Restart Roon with Clear Image Cache
2.Unplug the hub, rock, router, PC power and restart
3.・ Database reset + log out with ROCK
・ Log in with another PC and check the display.
・ Log out to another PC
・ Log in again with ROCK and reset
4.Log out of TIDAL and log back in from the Roon Settings-> Services tab
5.Disable firewall on all involved machines

I tried the above, but it didn’t work

Thank you.

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@Hiromotol_Momose hello and welcome!

I noticed that you don’t have English set as language. I know another user who had a similar issue on their iOS devices. Switching to English immediately fixed it.

Maybe a similar issue?

Thank you for your answer.
I changed the language to English, but it didn’t work.

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this is almost always a DNS or firewall issue. I’ve requested logs from your system to see what’s going on, but I need you to start Roon again.

thank you for your answer.
Please tell me how to get the system log.

Roon will get thwm you don’t need to do anything

tell me about your machine and network @Hiromotol_Momose

I’m listening to my friend

Router - HUB(SILENT ANGEL Bonn N8)- Intel NUC 10 Rock (Roon core)
- Diretta - DAC - HPA - HP
Thank you.

firewalls at all? antivirus?

your logs show tons of connectivity issues

Antivirus uses eset
Even if you cut the firewall
It does not change even if it is disabled

how did you retry? you will need to restart your core and remote.

Of course it has restarted.
The situation does not change

Your log is full of network errors as if something is blocking Roon from doing what it needs to do.

Our experience is that ESET is quite aggressive and often blocks many legit applications from functioning properly.

You will need to find a way to disable ESET completely, make exceptions for Roon and RAATServer, or uninstall ESET.

I had the same issue. Once the new patch was applied to my Roon Core just now it was fixed.

My original post: Album art stopped displaying

I tried everything on my router, switching off VPN, turning off firewall rules nothing worked until the new patch was applied. Good luck!


Roon 1.8 (build 933) didn’t work either
Does not improve

Can you see my friend’s log
Is it okay to write down my friend’s ID?

Or does the friend himself have to launch a new topic?

Hi @Hiromotol_Momose ,

Yes, do they have a Community account, can you please list their username? If they don’t have an account, please let us know their email address via a private message (click my name → message). Thanks!

I sent an email with my friend’s ID

Hi @Hiromotol_Momose ,

Thanks for sending your friend’s ID, I was able to take a look over their logs.

This is strange, it looks like they are able to play TIDAL content ok, but when it comes to downloading the images, they are getting networking errors. There also appear to be some other network errors when trying to contact our discovery service.

I noticed that your friend is making heavy use of IPv6 communication and I’m wondering if this is playing a part in the issue. Is there any way that they can try to disable IPv6 and see if this helps? What does the network setup look like, are they using any firewall device such as PiHole?

Antivirus uses eset
It doesn’t change even if the firewall is turned off or disabled.