Tidal - Bad user or password

Hi @support
I have quadriplied checked my logins and even reset my password twice but it will not allow me to log in through Roon. I can login to Tidal on their website.
Can you please help me here?

restart your roon core/server and try again.

No luck. Just restarted my core. Any other ideas? @support

Hi @STEPHEN_ANDREWS ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Would you mind going into the database on your Core and deleting this file (see below) and then try to logging in.


Let me know how it goes!


Hi @eric - this has now just happened to me - I’m getting the “Bad user name or password” error. The thing is, I’ve looked everywhere in the various Database folders in my ROCK, but there just ain’t no Database/Registry/Core/tidal_account file anywhere…

I’ve also checked the TIDAL app and the web app, and they are both working perfectly, so my account at TIDAL appears to be OK.

What now?

Aargh - ignore me. As a last resort I rebooted ROCK, entered my TIDAL userid and password (the fields were blank this time) and I’m back connected to TIDAL…

Dunno what happened, but all now seems to be well.

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