Tidal Bitrate Selection

New user and still trying to figure out weird Tidal behavior. General issue is that there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to what bitrates Roon offers for Tidal tracks.

A concrete example is “Seven Nation Army” on the album Elephant by the White Stripes. When I play it through the Tidal app, there are high-res options. When I navigate to it via the Tidal tab in Roon or when I search for it via Roon, the only option is FLAC 44.1 x 16. There are no alternative versions of the album listed.

Note that I do see other tracks in high-res in Roon, but as the intro suggests, there seems to be no consistency to what is high-res and what is not. Am I missing something?

Can you share a screenshot? I only see a 44.1kHz 16bit release of Elephant on TIDAL. Whilst I may have quality set to Master the indicator is clearly Hi-Fi. In Roon the different releases are shown under the Version tab on the album screen.

About what?

That track is not available in 24-bit in Tidal, at least not here in Canada.